This is Passion!

Where does this passion for a 39mm, 43mm or 48mm come from? Is it the design? The materials? Or is it the beautiful history behind it? For me the passion starts at first sight. The curiosity, the exitement, the look of a beautiful diver, a vintage gem or the watch that thought would be a definite keeper? 

This is a watch blog that is all about my passion, my feelings, my frustrations, my anger and my love for the watches I care about. The beauty of stainless steel, titanium, carbon, bronze, brass, leather, natos, perlons, sapphire, lume, open heart, skeleton, limited etiditions, kickstarters, vintage watches and the holy grails. What makes a watch so desirable?

There will be no right or wrong in this blog, just my opinon of what's right or wrong...
I'm definitely no technical expert! I hand my watches to my watchmaker for service and adjustments. I just wear them, love them, hug them, taste them and take pictures of them. I am trying hard to be fancy and I love to share an artistic presentation of the watches.

What is a keeper, a grail, the last watch… It's like the end of the rainbow, the eternal search… Is it possible to find a keeper? For me it is a yes. I have found mine. How do I know? I will tell you about a sign that is important if you are passionate about noticing a keeper. It’s the time.... Not the chronometer standards, the jumphours or the digital delights. The time I'm talking about is the the time you forget. The moment you realise you have forgotten to set the time on the watch, and after three hours you realise the time and date are all wrong. Totally blinded by the beauty of the dial, the lume, the beautifully engraved case back and the soft leatherband. My first blindness-occasion was with the Fortis B42 Marinemaster. A white, full-lumed dail with black details. The boxes themselves clocked in at 923 grams. Leather, velvet and a smell of success!
I have had three Marinemasters, all the same model. Is it a keeper? For me it's a no. The only reason is the pins. Too tight, screwed pins that costed a small fortune to fix when they broke. How can a pin brake, you might think? Fat natos with a small gap between the pin and the case. Too much pressure and the screw jammed. Such a small detail, but such a important feature… But still, Fortis is and will be one of my favorite brands. You can't break love with a fragile pin!

How is it possible to be head over heals with a watch or a brand? How is it possible to love a watch you have never owned? Why do I really dislike different brands, without ever tried any of their watches on? It is the feeling, the history, the attitude, the trends, the buyers , the showoffs, the marketing, the people behind it.... Its so complex! 

I have always loved hefty specs. Have i ever needed them? Of course not. But what isn't cool about a watch capable of going to an 11000 meters depth, an automatic watch that is (almost) going accurate like an atomic watch, a chronograph moonphase that is as thick as a brick, just to house the movement, the GMT Chrono Tachymeter or the lumed-out rave-watch that would light up an entire neighbourhood?

In this watch blog you will be able to take part in my world of watches. Reviews written with a passionate pen and images presented in a way that salutes the art and craftmanship behind beautiful wristwatches.